Paranormal Potato Chip Gallery of All Stars!

Strange as it may seem, every so often the Great Chip Lover in the sky sees fit to create potato chips that resemble people or things we all can recognize. Please take a moment to view the all around awesome-ness of our most recent paranormal potato chip discoveries!

Monstrous Crunch! Hare Today, Gone Tommorow... Good Evening...
A Hickory-Smoked Forefather Come Up & See Me Sometime... Some Like It Hot, I Like It Crunchy!
Chips So Good, You're In De' Nile ... Hey Zilla! Bite This! Butterfly Chip
Angel/Cross Moby-chip  

Found a Nixon in your bag of Barbecued? Spotted an Elvis in your Salt 'n Vinegar? Here's your chance to share your amazing discovery with chip lovers and devotees of the bizarre everywhere! Just send us a picture of your amazing potato chip discovery and we'll post it right here for all to behold!